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Barbara’s Six Kids Birth

发行商: Dress Up Mix
价格: 免费


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Barbara and her husband were very happy when they just got married. And they wanted to have big family with a lot of kids. Long years they tried to become pregnant, but nothing helped. And Barbara was so upset, that none can even imagine. But once she made pregnancy test, just because she made it every month. And that was the happiest moment in her life, she saw there 2 lines. That means – she is pregnant. Her belly grew very fast and when it was only 2 months of the pregnant life, she decided to visit a doctor. And doctor was so surprised, since he never has a patient with 6 kids pregnancy. Barbara was even more than surprised. She wanted a lot of kids, but so many at once. And now she is so afraid of all of them. She wanted very much to give a birth to all 6 kids and she wants so much that all of them are healthy and strong enough to live without her belly, since it is obvious that she won’t able to carry them till 40 authorized weeks. Even 30 weeks would be very good results for so polycarpous pregnancy. Let’s take care about Barbara during her pregnant life and the during her child birth. It is very hard work, be sure.


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