Commando Stealth Killer 2015

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Commando stealth killer is best action game that you ever seen. You are the special commando of military agency terrorist attack on your city and they took a hold of all city and that is really threat for your country and nation. They kidnapped your scientist. They torched him and want to secret information about atomic bomb. If they successful to take secret information from him then they can broken your security lock and that will be dangerous and harmful. Military agency officer’s cal a meeting and they choose you for this mission. Because you already proved many time your special skills and complete missions recently. Being a part of special military agency, you are assigned a special mission to rescue the scientist who have been made hostage by terrorist in the main city of your country. You have to proof your commando stealth skills to rescue the scientist from those terrorists in order to make the city and world safer for mankind. you have to kill all terrorist and when you killed all terrorist you have reach on finishing point there will somewhere stand red car that showing on radar you have to have take car and go on next missions.
If you are looking for Commando Games that is the best action game collection, smooth graphics. Stunning features, easy and quick guides. I am really sure you will like this game and love to play this game. Soon this will come with new version and with new missions.
How to Play:
• Touch the screen for look anywhere left, right, up or down.
• Stick controls Move forward, backward, left or right with joy.
• Tap Fire button fire.
• Detect enemies by the help of radar.
• Increase your Health pick up health box.
• Pick up ammo radar will help you to find ammo.

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