The Casebook of Terry Winter

发行商: sinister systems
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Film noir detective simulator with procedurally generated murder mystery cases. It may either be played like a casual five minute
puzzler, or like a mindcracker.
You are Terry Winter, the private investigator, and there's yet another client with a corpse on their hands, sitting and waiting for you in your office. Your goal? Find out who "did it" and arrest the culprit, without spending too much of your $1000 fee, and hopefully before they manage to flee abroad.
The simplest way of learning the rules of the game is to follow the three part tutorial.
The first chapter teaches the player some basic interactions, like how to interview witnesses, seek for clues and forensic samples in suspects' homes and offices, and how to compare collected samples to traces found on clue evidence.
The second chapter introduces time passing, rounds and days, as well as the detective's everyday methods and risks of breaking into the suspects' property.
The last chapter offers the closing course. This is the real detective work, where the murderer can only be discovered indirectly through clues and evidence. When that happens, and if there is enough evidence, the player must now arrest the correct culprit and risk a potential failure. On the other hand, the detective may now also spend some time on following a suspect, with a chance of clearing them entirely.

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