Horse: Police Chase

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Brace yourself to one of the best 3D police horse chase games which is one of the classic horse racing games and a horse simulator having a brand new concept of police chase games. So get ready to start the full throttle action with a police horse in one of the hottest police games with police chase games frisson to become a daring cop.
Wow! Police allstate became fashionable! Now, all the cops are patrolling the town on horseback. Rate is the new steeplechase game Horse: Police Chase!
There has been a high-profile crime city. The case was assigned Mounted Police steeplechase! Manage allstate ment horse and displays it on the trail of criminals now! They are hiding somewhere in the crime city foal.
After the cops move on foal, the city was filled with tons of horse pellets. Who is going to clean up this mess? Certainly not you! Now you're busy searching for the perpetrators. Cant device and manages fast horse Horse: Police Chase in the game steeplechase! Believe it! There has never been such a remarkable 3D horse simulator.

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