Justice Legion [robot Action Strategy]

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◇ Game Overview ◇
Wingman and annihilation, capture, we will achieve the mission of the base destruction
System features that are displayed only enemy that enters the field of view
There is a tension to guard against enemies from visible to not place.
Please be mastering so diverse aircraft, armed are prepared
The road ahead from behind find the enemy in the assault victory
Because it is personal creation game, this weapon Want Na Toka request feel free to
I want to be able to communication competition After the user increases
◇ about the system ◇
Appears enemy in sight only
The attack from behind will be three times the damage
Airframe development success rate goes up by capture
To aircraft development will need to apply a development funds required for each aircraft
◇ for operation ◇
- Forward backward, lateral movement in the lower left part
And right lower part in turning
· ATTACK to select the weapon to be used in the menu
You want the defense methods · DEFANSE menu
Please select read the enemy's behavior
(Since it reduces the When you select AP, there is also a hand that anything not selected)
Defense posture: enabled shooting system of attack, to attenuate the damage
Avoid preparation: enabled missile system of attack, attack avoided by probability
◇ For AP (active point) ◇
Mounting AP: AP needed to be mounted weapons
Always it will decrease from basic AP
Use AP: AP needed to use a weapon
It will reduce from the AP at the time of the attack

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