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ORF-TVthek: Video on demand

发行商: ORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
价格: 免费


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Since 2009, ORF-TVthek ( – Austria's most successful video platform – has been providing users with comprehensive live stream and video-on-demand content as a free additional digital TV service.
- More than 200 ORF-TV programmes as video-on-demand (7 day catch up)
- More than 200 live streams
- Historical and cultural video archives (available for an unlimited period)
- ORF-TVthek goes school: Video archive containing material particularly suitable for teaching (topics: 100th anniversary of World War I, 25th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain, history of the EU, best of "ZiB 2" interviews, history of Lower Austria and Burgenland, political history of Austrias 2nd republic)
- Available free of charge around the world
ORF-TVthek is accessible on all platforms:
- Online at
- On all popular smartphones and tablets (apps for iPhone, iPads, Android and Windows 8, Windows Phone 8)
- On TV sets via
• the ORF-HbbTV portal on all four ORT TV channels via digital satellite (ORF 1 and ORF 2 only in HD), cable, and terrestrial TV (using an HbbTV compatible TV set or set-top box and Internet connection)
• A1 TV, UPC, LIWEST, Salzburg AG, kabelplus
• Apple TV, Samsung and LG Smart TV, numerous Smart-TVs of the manufacturers Loewe, Sharp, Vestel an Changhong and via N2-Box
• Xbox One
• Amazon Fire TV Stick
Increasingly popular:
Use of ORF's online video services is rising steadily: while in 2010, the entire network (ORF-TVthek and other sites) registered an average of 7.0 million video requests (live and on-demand) per month, this figure rose to 18.6 million per month in 2014 and to 19.5 million per month in the first half of 2015 (source: in-house statistics). Today, approximately one million users are accessing the ORF-TVthek per month (source: ÖWA Plus).


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