Crocodile Survival Simulator

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Try Crocodile Survival Simulator in 3D!
Feel as wild as a wild crocodile, hunt swamp animals such as zebra, hippo or rhino, swim and go fishing with this survival simulator! Swim the swamp exploring underwater and have fun being an animal!
Welcome to swamp world! Be a wild crocodile, hunt animals to survive, explore your swamp swimming around and meet other animals with this survival simulator. Wild animal may join your flock or battle with you! Guard your swamp, go fishing to find food, hunt for zebras, hippos and rhinos and enjoy the life of wild crocodile predator! In this survival simulator, your wild crocodile has health, energy, oxygen and hunger rate, mind this rates and never let your swamp predator die! Go fishing, swim and hunt animals with Crocodile Survival Simulator – great animal game in 3D for all ages!
Go fishing, battle against predators and hunt smaller animals to survive with this crocodile simulator in 3D! Maintain health, hunger and energy rates to set up a flock of wild crocodiles! Explore wilderness and amazing underwater world with Crocodile Survival Simulator game in 3D! Hund down your prey being a powerful predator - wild swamp crocodile!
Survive in swamp environments inhabited by other wild winter animals. It might be friendly or aggressive! Hunt them or get hunted! Explore open swamp world, meet rhinos and zebras, ho fishing and enjoy being a wild predator! Play this animal survival simulator in 3D and live the life of a crocodile! Mind health and energy rate like a real wild predator, get stronger and upgrade your hunting and fishing skills! Enjoy Crocodile Survival Simulator in 3D, hunt swamp animals and have fun!
Great animal survival simulator for all ages! Being a wild predator is fun!
Crocodile Survival Simulator features:
Great wild crocodile simulator
Swamp animals and environment
Wild swamp animals to hunt
Amazing survival game
3D graphics
Let's start a big hunt! Hunt wild swamp animals, but avoid meeting other predators! Mind cocodile’s health and energy rate, feel like a real swamp predator, get stronger and upgrade your hunting and fishing skills! Enjoy this crocodile simulator!
Do you like animal games? Crocodile Survival Simulator is made right for you!

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