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Frozen Frenzy Mania

发行商: Storm8 Studios
价格: 免费


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Fall in love with this sweet new Match 3 puzzle game!
Match and collect tasty ice cream treats as you adventure through the Tasty Tundra with Piper the Penguin and her adorable companion Rolo the Seal! Simple to learn but a challenge to master, this fresh new puzzle game is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!
Frozen Frenzy Mania Features:
PLAY through hundreds of enticing icy levels filled with creamy dreamy treats!
- Match 3 games filled with ice cream, sugar and sweet treats await!
- Adventure through hundreds of delectable fantasy levels
- Addicting games and mini games take you on the adventure of a lifetime!
STUFF Piper the Penguin's Ice Cream Cart with frozen treats in Order Up Mode!
- Match 3 treats to help Piper the Penguin craft the perfect ice cream snack
- Frozen treats like ice cream and Popsicles make for a delicious way to crush your high scores
UNCOVER gummy fish bites for Chloe the Cat in Ice Fishing Mode!
- Matching gummy gems is the best way to fish in this frozen fun-fest
- Battle the fish with your matching skills and land a high score
SCOOP ice cream into Ulf the Walrus' bowl in Super Sundae Mode!
- Ice cream is Ulf's favorite! These challenging games task you with fulfilling his massive appetite
- Sundae time! As Ulf's ice cream pile grows, so does your score
SATISFY Teddy the Yeti's hunger with yummy frozen treats in Blizzard mode!
- Mind games meet arcade speed in this matching frenzy
- It's a sugar rush as you battle to find the best matches and land the biggest score
CRAFT powerful pieces like Rainbow Pops and Rocket Pops to crush levels and set off explosive combos!
- Craft sweet power-ups by matching like a pro, then blast your way through the board
- Matching 4 or more delicious treats will craft colorful Pops that blast through any challenge
TRIUMPH over challenging obstacles like sticky Sundaes, calamitous Caramel, and wacky Wafer Walls to reach your treats!
- Sweet treats make for the most devious obstacles. Can you overcome them all?
COMPETE against your Facebook friends for the top score in every level!
- Games with friends are always more fun! Connect to Facebook to start competing!
EXPLORE vibrant worlds of delicious delights including Strawberry Hills, Cookie Creek, and more!
- Your puzzle quest will take you across a delicious candy-coated world
- This addicting adventure will get your tummy rumbling as you explore a frozen wonderland
SYNC your game between devices and unlock full game features by connecting to the Internet!
- Addicting games and mini games await! Sync up to unlock free game content!
Frozen Frenzy Mania is FREE to play with FREE updates including new levels, obstacles, treats, and more every week!
Match 3 games have never been so sweet! Ice cream and sweet treats abound in this frozen sugar rush! Join Piper the Penguin, Teddy the Yeti and other colorful characters and match 3 free today!
Download Frozen Frenzy Mania and indulge your sweet tooth!
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