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Backgammon is an ancient game for two players. When it is your turn click on Role Dice and after that on your pieces you want to move according to the values of the dice. Before you do so, you can click on the dice to switch the order of the move values. When you roll doubles, you must play the numbers twice. When you are done click the OK button, otherwise click on Cancel and move with another piece. When you jump on a so-called point which is occupied by a single piece of the opponent then that piece goes to the bar and must start again. It is not possible to jump on a point which is occupied by more than one of the opponent's pieces. As long as pieces of a player are on the bar, these pieces must be moved first and the player may not move other pieces. The first player to bear off all of his pieces wins the game. A piece may only be moved off the board, when all of the players pieces are in his home board. A player must then always bear off those pieces which require the highest possible move values.

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