Pet Salon: Halloween

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Shh~Listen! The elves are singing a mysterious melody with jack-o-lanterns in their hands.
Rumour says that some sprites hold a crazy party every Halloween Night. Sleeping puppies awaken to see thousands of invitations fly over the sky, and drop through the chimney. They open their sleepy eyes only to find a letter floating in the air surprisedly. Oh, it’s from the elves of Halloween, indicating that an unmissable party is about to start. It’s your turn to dress up the little dog for the annual scary show, now give your puppy a shower and put some stickers on its face or body. Then choose the strange hats, denture and other accessories for your doggie. Ta-da! All the puppies in bizarre dresses run through the dark happily, let’s follow them to have some thrilling fun!
How to Play
Open the game, you’ll see a pack of dogs waiting for dressing up. Please pick one then start with cutting its hair, after which the shower and drier are quite necessary. See? How cute it is now! Next let’s move to the dress-up room, here you’d be able to choose Halloween costumes carefully for your little pet. We’ve got zombie’s teeth, vampire’s cloak, Medusa’s hair, many funny stickers and so on. Wow it’s really exciting, isn’t it? Finally, please tap the arrow on the top right to take a picture for your little naughty or with it together, speaking of which, there’re more backgrounds in the Pattern Book on the bottom right, pick your favorite one please! Perfect timing, your well-dressed pet can't wait to join other dogs and rush into the street, why not enjoy your festival fun with them too?
- A must-have party in the special night
- 6 cute puppies are ready for a change
- It's your call to deal with these cool decorations
- Enjoy being with your pet on this wonderful night
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