Forest Folks - Pet Home Designer

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Decorate beautiful houses for all the animals in Forest Folks: Pet Home Designer! You just arrived in town and you are in charge of making the city the very best place to live in. Start small like everyone else and in no time you will turn into the village’s greatest designer!
From the creators of My Boo, the virtual pet game with over 40 million downloads worldwide!
With the help of Mr. Wilder, the local moose designer, you will learn all the steps in becoming an incredible decorator. From adding a cute sofa to make the living room more cozy, to placing a comfy bed for a nice bedroom and even designing kitchens, bathrooms and gardens. You can also choose wall and floor designs!
After your masterpiece is complete, all that is left to do is having fun! Ms. May the Kangaroo is here just to show you how. Play with the pets by sitting them on the couch to watch television and play video games, taking showers and naps, cooking and much more!
• Charlie the Dog - young and friendly
• Camille the Rabbit - a true sports fan
• Reno the Platypus - the village’s finest painter
• Beebee the Panda - a famous rockstar
• Piffer the Cat - a computer geek
• Antoine the Koala - cooks like a master chef
• Luma the Owl - wise and magical
• Raphael the Unicorn - addicted to rainbows
• MEET the fun animals of the forest
• DESIGN and DECORATE houses with beautiful furniture, floors and walls
• Over ONE HUNDRED models to choose from
• INTERACT with the villagers and play in their houses
The FOREST FOLKS are all waiting for you! Are you ready to give them a helping hand? Download now and start playing for free!

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