Attack on Tank : Rush - World War 2 Heroes

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Tank fans are convinced! Ultra-realistic Tank game!
A Lost hardcore experience is realized here!
Why don't you experience a genuine battle?
The total number of downloads has reached 400,000!
Become the member or the commander of the tank platoon, and Challenges various missions!
The intense fight between tanks happens in the battlefield full of a sense of reality!
To combat advantageously, cooperation with the ally becomes indispensable.
By making full use of the tactics for a powerful enemy corps, overturn a force difference!
Can you become a hero by surviving this severe battlefield?
- No in-app advertisement and purchases.
- The 3D action & simulator game that the tanks which existed fight.
- Player can move the very large "Open World" field freely.
- The mission like the scout, the ambush, and the raid, etc. that includes many things exists.
- Player can experience a tension feeling of the battlefield by real production and sound, it's not just a tank game.
- Real damage system by The physical calculation is adopted.
- The tanks of A.I attacks a player by precise movement and the refined tactics.
- It is possible to change the situation by requesting an air attack.
- A powerful air fight by famous fighter aircrafts is reproduced.
- It is possible to use a coaxial machine gun as spotting rifle.
- The behavior of a real tank is realized by simple touch operation.
- The viewpoint can be switched between first person (FPS) and third person (TPS).
- Because the tank at the WW2 this time is faithfully reproduced, this game is recommended to the person who likes tanks.
How to play:
- Please click a help button of the start screen and confirm the basic operation.
- The available tanks increase by achieving a mission.
- The instruction of each mission is displayed by the message box in the upper part of the screen.
- Playable tanks in online is unlocked depending on the progress of the campaign.
- Depending on the terminal, it may take a little time to load the data at the time of initial startup.
Game content will be continuously updated in the future!
Have fun!!

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