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Max Volume Control

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Max Volume Control is an app that lets you limit the media volume of your device. When the device's media volume level is set above the desired level, the app will automatically reset the volume back to the desired level, whether the volume is changed through an app or your device's volume controls. The app only monitors and enforces the media volume, used for music, video or games; it does not affect ringer, phone or notification volumes.
The app now features a separate headphone volume level. This allows you to set different volume levels for your device's speakers and while using headphones.
Max Volume Control's settings screen can be locked with a PIN to prevent changes by unauthorized users (like your children). Additionally, settings can be accessed via the notification screen for easy access from any application.
Max Volume Control is perfect for parents wanting to limit the volume levels of their child's device. The separate headphone control allows you to keep the volume down when using your device's speakers, and to a comfortable and safe level while using headphones. The app is perfect for devices used in schools, libraries, or museums where loud devices can be a distraction. And with its PIN lock feature you remain in control.
When installed, Max Volume Control will register as a service and will start when the device is restarted. Once installed and configured, you won't need to do anything else.
Max Volume Control also works with your Kindle's FreeTime app. Simply add the app to your child's profile and lock its settings with a PIN.


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