Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank

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This Pregnancy Test Scanner works on all Android phones.
Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank is a funny application that scans your fingerprint and gives you a result of if you are pregnant or not, if it is really right or totally false, please note this is only a joke, but who knows it may be a real result by coincidence, download this app to your smart phone no to find out your result!!
With this pregnancy test calculator you can easily scare your female friends and show them that they might be pregnant and will have a baby and make them believe that this is the most accurate pregnancy test online, and have a good laugh with them.
You have a real and funny opportunity to prank your friends, and your family. The best home Pregnancy Test Simulator available now on all smart phones, try it and suggest it for all your friends to take the test, people will think it's a real home pregnancy test scanner.
How to use it?
Put your index finger on the finger print on screen, wait a moment while your fingerprint is analyzed, your smart application is calculating, your personal result is then shown, if you don't get the result you want, no problem, just take the test again.
A pregnancy calculator with which you can fool your friends and have fun with them. Your Fake Pregnancy results will show right after you scan your finger. Pregnancy Test Scanners are so real that they give almost a real look.
Features Include:
* High Quality Graphics
* Realistic scanner animation
* Really fun prank app
* Small application size
* Minimal Permissions
* Completely free of charge and always will be!
Just remember please, this is a joke application, designed for entertainment purposes and it is not intended for medical diagnostics. don't forget that most pregnancy test apps are created just for enjoyment and pleasure and are not approved by medical professionals. Always consult your doctor with any and all questions about your pregnancy.
Please forward all feedback, suggestions and bug reports to the email address below.

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