Dominica GPS Navigation

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Dominica (EasyNavi) GPS Navigation app is your local navigation application.
Easy to use interface and enhanced functionality. Perfect for usage in a car, bike or even when you walk to your destination.
App supports local search and offline navigation in Dominica. Offline address database contains detailed addresses and rich POIs(Points of Interest).
Dominica GPS Navigation Features:
• Fully offline map and navigation, works without network connection or data roaming and helps you save money.
• Compass assists you in finding directions.
• Multiple languages support.
• Compact vector map data makes this app smaller in size.
• Offline vector map data contains a large amount of accurate POIs. Easily search address in offline mode around your location, including attractions, restaurants, hotels etc...
• Enhanced navigation engine with fast routing. Turn by turn navigation engine makes you enjoy a good navigation experience.
• Voice and direction guidance, distance and speed display.
• Easy to use UI compatible with HD displays.

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