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Christmas Moon Lights HD is a beautiful animated wallpaper & theme with Christmas Night & Santa Cart Which passing through moon lights .Enjoy this Happy New Year & Christmas with your beloved one & this App. This free mobile & TV wallpaper will be a perfect decoration for your android phone or tablet home screen & your Room during long winter evenings and winter holidays: Christmas and New Year.
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 Use it as a live scene picture or else as an entertainment, all up to you, on a mobile, tab or television screens, at both residential and commercial places, changing your environment and surroundings totally different, rich, impressive, encouraging and comfortable. take your imaginations to a very next level with positivity.
Some of the great features:
★ 15 Different High quality Default music's
★ Simple and beautiful rich scene's with brightness control
★ HD 1080 quality View
★ 7 Individually adjustable frames
★ 7 amazing effects
★ Screen Lock / Child lock
You can enjoy 15 most specially selected default music playlists and change it according to your mood, with consistency of an amazing video scene on which you can select and change any 1 of the 7 default frames according to your need and environment you can put and change the visual effects of the video from the 7 of the special effects feature list, in order of getting more comfort you also have brightness control by which you can adjust it to more brighter or dim, there is a touch screen lock which could be used as a perfect child lock.

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