New Block Pazzle

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The block puzzle series latest model!
It's applied tightly in the designated trout.
A puzzle game in all 100 stages!
You can play by simplicity and easy operation.
In the puzzle game most suitable for SUMAHO.
During addict appearing one after another!
It's hammer RI, that it's done, it doesn't stop...!
Because still you can play easily in free time.
It's during movement and during rest by train.
It's slightly suitable to kill time.
It's a stage of easy 3 x 3 at the beginning.
From where of 7 x 8 trout can I start on the end?
In geki MUZUSUTEJI which isn't understood...
It's intolerable for a puzzle game lover.
A block puzzle for SUMAHO, please play by all means!
[how to play]
• When the tap is made light, a block revolves.
• When a tap moves while doing, a block moves.
• The block which is designated, and it's everything in trout, it fits well.
That it's applied, stage clearance!

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