Engish morphem and affix manual

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English root affixes manual
English words are endless, even if it is learned inside the outline of the word, reading, reading newspapers or when there will be a lot of words. This makes a lot of Chinese people anomaly upset.
Research has shown that root affixation is a great way to memorize words, just like Chinese words composed of Chinese characters, like most English words but also by the common roots and affixes composed of Chinese characters commonly used there are more than a thousand,
The English common roots and affixes have more than two hundred learning the common roots and affixes, you will be able to comprehend by analogy, will read, will understand some of the words usually encountered solve your fear of English words from the root.
Data and information from the Internet, for reference purposes only.
English root affixes Manual:
1. Enter the letter of inquiry roots, prefixes, suffixes
2. The common roots, prefixes, suffixes
3. composing words, understanding roots, prefixes, suffixes
4. You can add to my roots and affixes dictionary

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