Tow Truck Simulator: Car Transporter 3D

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Do you like driving games? Try tow truck simulator in 3D! Drive huge recovery truck to transport broken cars to the emergency service center!
Find broken or damaged cars as a tow truck driver and transport it right to the car service! Is it a car accident across the street? It’s kind of work for a recovery truck driver! Even more entertaining that driving a simple car transporter! Feel like a real tow truck driver with this driving simulator in 3D!
Drive, park and transport! Become the best car recovery service’s worker with this 3D simulator! Rescue wrecked cars as a professional tow truck driver, transport cars and have fun with Tow Truck Simulator: Car Transporter 3D simulator!
Cars are damaged or broken right on the highway or city streets because of bad car accident! Drivers are calling 911! It’s a kind of work for an emergency tow truck driver! Find out and drive your recovery truck towards the car accident spot. Find damaged cars and transport it to the service center to repair. Drive to the current place, park and get broken cars you need with Tow Truck Simulator: Car Transporter 3D! Do your transport job within the given time because there are many wrecked cars, which need to be mover to the recovery service! Get them off the streets with Tow Truck Simulator: Car Transporter 3D! Upgrade your parking, driving and transporting skills with this amazing 3D simulator!
Tow Truck Simulator: Car Transporter 3D features:
- Realistic tow truck driving simulator
- Driving, parking and transporting experience
- Lots of damaged cars to transport to the recovery service
- Amazing 3D graphics
Tow different cars and vehicles with this car transporting simulator! If you like tows trucks, car transporting and other vehicles for fast driving – this game is made right for you! Check wonderful city street and highways for best trucking experience! Work at 911 emergency service and help drivers to repair their damaged cars! Try Tow Truck Simulator: Car Transporter 3D and enjoy being a real trucker!
Join tow truck recovery service team with this 3D simulator!

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