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Breitling Aerospace World Timer Watch Face Android wear wmwatch

发行商: Themes Android
价格: 1.35 USD


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Breitling Aerospace Watch Face | Android Wear
Product Features
12h Time
Battery Level indicator
Calendar Agenda's up to 5 displayed
Date LED Flash
Tap Actions on 3,9,1-2,12-logo,6-center see below for more details
Timer Stopwatch
Time Zone [!london!] plus local time
with Ambient Glow in DIM mode
1. Hot spot - On number 3 o Dial = Ambient Notification, this means that when you press on 3 you toggle the ambient glow on or off, if the ambient glow is on then the number 60 will glow else normal
2. Hot spot - Between number 12 and Logo = World Timer, this means you can choose between 3 different Time zones namely Boston, London, Tokyo else Local time
3. Hot spot - Center of Dial = Timer Activation, this means you can run a Timer Start/Stop and Reset on Number 9, previous version when timer was active and you pressed stop the watch face would go back to normal mode but now you can toggle between Timer and Time Zone
4. Hot spot - Between 1 and 2 = Calendar mode, this means you can now view your appointments up to 5 agenda's are displayed on the face and option to access more :-) Also added a Countdown timer till next appointment as well as small clock so you will never loose time
5. Hot spot - Between 6 and Center = Date LED display, this means when pressed a LED will flash for a few seconds showing the current date


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