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Angry Lion Attack Simulator 2016

发行商: Amazing Gamez
价格: 免费


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Time to play the ferocious and vicious role of the beast of the lands. Angry Lion Attack 2016 gives you the chance to play the role of an angry lion with the wildest killing instincts and a never ending hunger. Not in your wildest dreams could you have imagined how it feels to be a lion, but with this lion simulator game live the life of an angry lion and the adventures that follows.
Explore the city and get to use your hunter powers like the powerful bite, razor sharp claws and swift speed to catch your prey and to fight against the lion hunters of the city. Experience what it feels like to be the fastest animal in the jungle with Angry Lion Attack 2016 an angry lion now pacing in the city ready to pounce on anyone who enters its vicinity.
The city hunt will be bloody, but beware as you are in the city, there are lion hunters ready to attack you. Feel the rush in your blood as you are king of the jungles, known as the majestic, nobody can take you down. Living the life of the lion in the city won’t be easy, you will have to unleash exceptional hunting skills, unbeatable stealth and learn to catch your prey off guard.
Every second of your life matters, you will have to maintain your health, hunger, thirst and even energy for hunt and chase to show immense survival instincts in this animal simulation game.


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