Farm Craft Survival Simulator

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Stay alive on the farm filled with animals gone crazy with this survival simulator in 3D! Check Farm Craft Survival Simulator – great app for those who are ready for real adventures! It’s not like exploring survival island – it might be very dangerous here! Hunt wild animals, find weapons to protect yourself from crazy cattle, quarry resources and craft useful tools using special workshops. Use your survival skills to stay alive! No more agricultural works! Forget about plowing, ploughing or fertilizing soil! It’s high time to fight for your life with Farm Craft Survival Simulator game in 3D!
Tired of usual farm simulators? Heavy farm machines, different crops, farm animals and cattle… Today your goal is to survive! Forget about tractors, trucks and harvesters parked nearby, just try to stay alive. Your farmer survivor has several indicators – fullness, thirst, energy and health. If one of this drops – there is no chance to survive! Battle against wild animals, hunt, fish or gather plant food to stay alive, build shelters to hide from predator and try to enjoy countryside life that seemed to be so peaceful! Enjoy Farm Craft Survival Simulator – new farm game for all island survival simulator’s lovers!
Welcome to this crazy world full of wild animals, aggressive farm cattle and other dangers! Live the life of farmer somehow turned into survivor and try make this countryside farm suitable for living! It’s not like playing a farm simulator full of agricultural works – forget about your crops, the only goal is to survive! Salvage all survival tools and weapons that may help you to explore this countryside farm! Hunt wild animals, get rid of crazy aggressive cattle, find or craft weapons to protect yourself from predators, quarry resources and build shelters. Use your survival skills to stay alive, avoid battling against furious predators and prove your with as a real survivor with Farm Craft Survival Simulator! Exploring every survival island would be easy for you – more dangerous missions, more furious predators and other dangers in this ultimate survival simulator in 3D!
It’s not a farm simulator game which would give you a full impression about real life of a farmer without getting your hands dirty – start a big fight for your live! Upgrade your survival, battling and fighting skills now! No more plowing, driving farm vehicles or fertilizing soil! Feel like spending time on desert survival island, but now this dangerous island is your own farm!
discover the secrets of Pirate Island with amazing survival simulator in 3D! Hunt, fish or gather plant food to stay alive, build shelters to hide from predator and enjoy peaceful life on a desert island with Pirate Island Survival 3D game! Control your character with a joystick, move around the farms, villages and forests looking for treasures, weapons and tools. Quarry resources, build shelters, fight with wild animals and cattle and try to survive at all costs! Be accurate, this countryside farm is much more dangerous than it seems! Dive into the atmosphere of farming life only without getting your back paining playing this survival simulator in 3D – sounds cool, huh? Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive with Farm Craft Survival Simulator!
Farm Craft Survival Simulator features:
Great survival simulator in unusual countryside setting – no more agricultural work, driving tractors or harvesters and raising cattle!
Amazing crafting system – craft weapons, tools, build shelters to make this farm safe and sound
Health, energy and fullness indicators for your farmer survivor
Swim, hunt, battle and explore - do anything you want to stay alive!
Exciting 3D graphics
Tired of usual farm simulator and island survival games? Get two in one – just download Farm Craft Survival Simulator in 3D!

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