Defender Tower Headquarters TD

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Defend your base, upgrade your towers and win the war!

Defender Tower Headquarters TD is a perfect example of classic tower defense game where the gameplay is full of hard logic decisions, effective strategy and dynamic action. Take part into the war simulator as a general of the army and lead your soldiers on the mad battlefield. It is high time to show the power of your nation and clash with enemy forces and destroy them before they invade your home.

In Defender Tower Headquarters TD you’ve got super powerful modern weapons and towers in your arsenal, but you should be smart and spend your resources very carefully.Choose wisely what to build: a rocket gun, a machine gun or a freezer. Work out the best strategy and then build and upgrade your towers to stop enemy attack waves and protect your headquarters. Don’t think that your enemy is an easy target: enemy forces will use all their power to crush you - soldiers, tanks, helicopters and more soldiers!

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