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What's a kid's favorite food? Hamburgers, fries, ice cream and sodas, of course! Kids Meal Party! is a fun and simple way to make DIY party food without having to mess up your own kitchen. Be a burger chef without all the fuss!
DIY party food is easier than you might think. Make and decorate fries, sodas, ice cream and hamburgers from scratch, customizing their look and taste to make the best party food in the world. Forget the grill, forget the fryer with all that nasty grease, and forget covering your kitchen from head to toe with ingredients. With Kids Meal Party!, being a burger chef is as easy as tapping the screen.
With cooked food in the kitchen, the next step is to start decorating! Make boring food fun again by adding toppings, condiments and custom designs on each party meal. Hamburgers are fun, but they're even more fun with a ketchup smiley face on top!
- Be a party chef and make your own DIY food.
- Cook hamburgers, fries, ice cream and more.
- Decorate your party meal with all sorts of designs.
How to Play:
- Use the touch screen to select a party food to create.
- Add toppings, condiments and other delicious extras.
- Share your best DIY creations with friends!
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