Virtual Rainfall Pack - Rainy Day Theme & Wallpaper

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Watch an amazing Virtual natural Rain with some great raindrops falling down on your screen, in a rainy day, with raindrops falling down right in front of your eyes.
If you are a rain lover or raindrops lover then this amazing Raining Theme with crystal raindrops falling down will make your device screen realistic & amazing. with amazing raindrops falling down on your screen, everything is filmed in HD so you will enjoy an amazing Raindrops HD Wallpaper in a rainy autumn day, or even in a summer raining day. I hope you will enjoy Natural Raindrops Wallpaper and you will get relaxed wherever you are in the world.
You can enjoy most specially selected default music playlists and change it according to your mood, with consistency of amazing galaxy scene's on which you can select and put the default frame according to your need and environment you can put and change the visual effects of the video from the special effects feature list, in order of getting more comfort you also have brightness control by which you can adjust it to brighter or dim. You have sleep timer which will automatically turn off application when not being used.

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