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My WatchBox: Watch Collection Gallery and Inventory

发行商: Jumar Rombaon
价格: 3.49 USD


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My WatchBox: Photo Gallery for watch collectors
Manage your watch collection. Share your inventory and photo gallery to your friends.
This is a must-have app for every watch collector.
Photo and details of your favorite time pieces
-Take new photo or import from photo gallery (up to 3 photos per watch)
-Write down important details
>Model and reference
>Target date for your grail
>Best price offer
>Date acquired
>Date last worn
>Date serviced
>Number of times worn
>Date sold
>Sold price
>Notes (service date schedule, warranty, movement, etc)
3 Photo galleries
-previously owned
-presently owned
-grails and next purchases
Easily transfer from one gallery to another
-from target to acquired
-from acquired to sold
Fully customizable and secured
-App name can be changed so you can put your name on the app window
-Change the title of your watch list galleries
-Set-up your password to open the app
Sort your list gallery
-By manufacturer
-By usage
-By target date for your grail
-By best price offer
-By date acquired
-By date last worn
-By date serviced
-By price
-By date sold
-By sold price
Easily manage your watch collection inventory using the search button
Share your watch photo and details
Share your entire collection of your time pieces
Shortcut to create calendar events and reminders
Quick inventory of your collection (total amount, number of pieces per brand)
Displays the total value of your watch collection
Backup and restore data (Phone storage and Dropbox)
Email me for your comments and suggestions.
If you like my app, please give it a 5-star rating.


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