Army Cargo Delivery Truck

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Challenge yourself as a good army cargo delivery transport driver and show your driving skills on difficult mountain track. Increase your experience one of the modern thrilling army transport simulation game. Army cargo transport on mountain drive is a new type of transport game you have to load high value military material like wood, ammo, fuel and other so many stuff to deliver it to their destination. You have to drive carefully and don’t drop anything on the way. It’s your real job deliver all cargo stuff safely.
Be the furious and expert driver of army cargo truck take the cargo delivery to their destinated posted on time safely. Show your extra driving skills on the difficult mountain hill road. Your little mistake can fail your mission. Caz you are army delivery driver and you have to deliver army cargo stuff on border zone. Caz this is war zone area if you fail to deliver cargo stuff mission will over.
Press left or right button to turn your truck,
Press accelerate to speed up.
Press brake button to stop the vehicles.

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