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Photo Editor & Collage Maker includes every tool you need in order to enhance and adjust images, and create stunning professional looking pic grids and memes. Incorporating a simple design with multiple unique effects and amazing frame options, the app offers the best and easiest way to join pics together using various frames and pic grids.
Would you like to record the memory of your last vacation in the most artistic, beautiful way? What are you waiting for! Download Photo Editor & Collage Maker now and let the creation begin!
Equipped with amazing features, this app has everything you need in order to make every picture awesome. No need to worry about red eyes or dark teeth, correcting these is extremely easy with our amazing tools! The app includes tools for applying predefined filters, overlays, cropping, transforming, changing orientation or aspect ratio, rotating, adding text and adjusting curves, as well as a full library of frames, overlays and stickers! Feeling creative today? Whether you are an amateur or a professional, customizing unique beautiful effects and filters is super easy! Using a diverse adjustment tools set, you can easily correct brightness, contrast, exposure, warmth, saturation, shadows, highlights, vibrance, tint, and fade.
Have you ever believed one app could give you so many options? This is crazy! Download Photo Editor & Collage Maker today and enjoy the endless possibilities!
Once you've edited your pictures, it's collage time: Join pics, make your creation look elegant and classy using various frames - choose one out of our many collage variations, customize it with your own text, add stickers, adjust its border thickness to your taste and round its border edges.

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