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Quickly enter your shift patterns into your calendar. Just choose your shift, morning, regular or late and tap the corresponding day. You can define work times, colors, names and many more to fit your needs. With our unique app you can create your whole shift pattern in less than a minute. No app can beat this.
Unique features:
- free editable templates.
- single tap to add or delete calendar entries.
- double tap to switch shift entries
- choose work times, names, colors and more.
- option to add notes to any calendar day
- public holidays for 38 countries
- widget for view shifts (today and tomorrow)
- week number
- export of services as PDF-file
- matching of your services in your device calendar (manual and automatic)
- automatically add recurring shift cycles to roster-calendar
- automatically delete of shifts
- calculations for total hours of shifts
- additional entries in shift calendar for second shift (double shift)
- Online Backup/Restore
- daily entry of overtime
- password protection
- data exchange Android, iOS
- planning of holidays/vacation/trips

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