Super Princess Girls Dress Up and Makeup - Full Version

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No one knows this girl is more than just a princess. Why she is a SUPER PRINCESS. She has magical super-human powers that let her do just about anything regular girls can't.
But before the princess can assume her superhero duties, she must undergo a marvelous transformation that makes her look like the Super Princess she is.
She enlists your help to assist in the transformation because you know exactly how important this transformation is to the world.
The super hero makeover begins by disguising the true identity of the princess, turning her into SUPER PRINCESS. It all starts in the spa, where you clean her face with SUPER cleanser and POWER exfoliator. Then the princess is sprinkled with magic powder that empowers her with super human talents.
Next you choose the princess' new hairstyle, her eye color, makeup, jewelry and face mask. By now, nobody recognizes the princess. She is far more beautiful, striking, and oh-so powerful.
Finally you dress the princess in her costume, cape, boots, tights, and magic shield. And last but not least, you choose her super power!
Now she's ready to fly to her next adventure!

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