Cricket Captain 2016

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The Number One Cricket management game returns for 2016.
With England having seen off Sri Lanka in the first of the English summer Tests and Pakistan next in town, it is time for cricket fans from around the world to put their cricketing expertise to the test in the most in-depth Cricket Captain ever made.
Developed in association with Chris Rogers, captain of Somerset County Cricket Club, Cricket Captain has more playable teams and more great features than ever before!
Cricket Captain has been hailed as the best cricket management simulation ever created and Cricket Captain 2016 takes the game to the next level – new teams, a beautiful new interface, updated 3D Highlights graphics engine and all the attention to detail that you expect from the series.
Key features for 2016 include:
• 79 playable domestic teams across 5 domestic leagues, including 12 new teams from the New Zealand and South African domestic cricket leagues
• Updated ODI and 20 over World Cup Tournament modes. Play as any international team that played in the last two World Cups including Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Oman, Scotland or the UAE.
• Day/Night matches
• New 3D lighting system
• Improved OD and T20 match engine combined with improved player form calculation for OD and T20
• Updated kits for International teams
• Sri Lanka and Pakistan historical scenarios
• New database with improved player ability ratings
• New and improved interface
• In-Game Help System
• 58 Achievements and 12 Leaderboards via Amazon GameCircle.

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