Cat-A-Pult: Endless stacking of 8-bit kittens

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So you think you've seen everything in life already? Games about hysterical birds and multicolored candy just bore you?
Your wait is finally over – you clearly haven't heard of Cat-A-Pult yet!
This challenging click game is all about cute 8-bit cats and your stacking skills:
# Cat-A-Pult: the entertaining click game for all cat lovers!
# Toss cute 8-bit cats with a fun retro look and nostalgic sounds!
# Challenging and tricky, yet simple game mechanics!
Trained for years in variety performance, the exceptionally artistic and talented cats of Cat-A-Pult now need you for their next amazing feat – to build the tallest cat tower the world has ever seen, exclusively available in this click game!
Sounds boring? Wrong!
Your boredom will vanish into thin air in a flash with this challenging and entertaining 8-bit click game, accompanied by retro music, as the kitties are not going to make things easy for you!
Drag your finger to charge the 8-bit cat's leap and let rip, sending it flying high through the air on to a pedestal, or even better, on to the back of one of its colleagues. Repeat this a few times and lead your protégés to the pinnacle of their challenging journey.
Click games are too easy for you? Wrong again!
Some of the laws of physics even apply in 8-bit cat-tower land, so you'll have to exercise your concentration if you want to pile those kitties high. Fling them wisely and stack them masterfully, otherwise the cats will come tumbling back down again and disintegrate into their 8 bits.
And as if that wasn't challenging enough, if you fail you'll have to start again from the beginning. Your companions are extremely ambitious and want to build a perfectly balanced, endless tower!
You get no second chances in this click game: this challenging 8-bit concentration game is free, entirely skill-based and challenges your slingshot skills to the max!
Downloading and playing this cute game is free. The cats are thankful enough that someone's finally taking on their challenging feat!
The 8-bits cats meow in English, German, French, Spanish, Klingon, Uzbek and Hawaiian – they're really talented linguists!
Cat-A-Pult requires 33 MB storage space so you can finally let the cats fly. The size of this download may vary over time and without prior notice, depending on updates.
To constantly challenge your kitties with click game updates, you need a 3G or Wi-Fi internet connection.
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