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This app helps you to find nearby pokemons using both:
- Crowdsourced data.
- Free thirdy-party services.
Receive notifications when a pokemon on map is closer than a certain distance set by you!.
The notification system runs in background so it is not necessary to keep the app in foreground to receive notifications.
Furthermore it is possible to filter pokemons to just receive notification for those you are interested.
No requests are made directly to the servers of Pokemon GO so you don't break the TOS and you don't risk a ban, no login is required.
******* FEATURES **********
- scans the area to find Pokemons or use crowdsourced maps to know about pokemon sightings
- sends push notifications when a Pokemon is close to you
- runs in background!
- allows navigator instructions to reach pokemon on map
- filter your preferred pokemons!
- customizable parameters
If the chosen servers doesn't work well, try another one or try later. I'll try to add as many thirdy-party services as I find.
ScanGO is in NO way associated with Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. No copyright infringement is intended

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