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Craze Fruit

发行商: 周建国
价格: 免费


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Invincible Diminshing music - Craze Fruit is a casual puzzle game. Popular fashion full of fun puzzle game, the rules simple and easy to use, rich and varied picture elements, fresh and lovely picture of the scene, challenging checkpoints map, dream sweet candy style, rich sound interesting, slowly flowing clouds , flying seagulls, swimming sailing, waves shabu sound, stylish background music, so you do not consciously immersive. More variety of icons mobile systems, new play combo system, the stars of the collection system, hundreds of carefully equilibrated difficult and interesting levels,
Dozen trigger chain, and even eliminate, explosion, exchange, upgrade magic props, every day, new harvest, remember to log in every day, oh, so you can be comfortable in the bed in the elimination challenge Diminshing Meng Meng music in the world!
- Can play anywhere
Traffic can not play, before going to bed after dinner, on the road, invincible Diminshing music, the elimination of all unhappy!
- Lovely burst Meng screen
From the snow-covered arctic continent, floating Viking warships to sea, and then covered with tulip Hanada farms and lifelike Q Meng cartoon image, all reflect the excellence of wisdom and designer of the game.
- Simple fingertip micromanagement
Touch screen, micro slip fruits, you can feel a strong impact force and attraction, not just the original fruit sweet, or so colorful.
- Wonderful level design
Greedy fruit wizard makes teeth, Sorcerer clicking it makes infinite yearning, a language Nanjin, only to experience the wonderful fun to know where
Praise Players
- Every hurdle is a new beginning, let the good achievements continue to extend, is worth having a good game.
- Fun especially deeply in love Ha ha ha ha ha play diverse than the average of the Diminshing music game fun
- Really too much fun, playing this game can not stop ah! A little obsessed, oh! ! ! Colleagues and friends are fascinated by it ah!


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