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发行商: Michael Müller
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HushSMS for Android is a software to send specific SMS types that are normaly not available to users.
HushSMS relies on the Xposed Framework. Thus your device must be rooted and the Xposed Framework must be installed and configured properly.
Supported Message Types:
– Normal Message
This is a standard SMS. The message size is limited to 160 characters.
– Class 0 (or FlashSMS)
A message that should per standard be immediately display to the user in a pop-up window. On some phones (like iPhone afaik) the message gets display without the senders ID and without the possibility to save the message. The message size is limited to 160 characters.
– WAP Push SI
SI stands for Service Indication. This type of message was designed for service providers to inform their customers of credit limits for their prepaid cards, software updates etc. On some devices (Windows Mobile, old Blackberrys) this message gets display with the number from the providers sms service center. Some Android devices are capable of receiving such messages, others aren’t. Afaik iPhones are not capable of receiving services messages (they simply drop them). The message size for sender, subject and message is currently limited to 40 characters each.
– WAP Push SL SL stands for Service Load. This type of message was designed for service providers to push content to their customers devices. Different subtypes allowed user interaction, other allowed NO userinteraction, means that the ressource defined in the message should be loaded and executed without user notification or interaction. The last type is what is implemented in HushSMS. This only works on Windows Mobile targets afaik. But also on some devices the sender is obfuscated. The message size is currently limited to 40 characters.
– MMS Notification
This message type was never ever intended to be sent from a users device. With this type of message you can freely define the sender and subject informatione. The message size for sender and subject is currently limited to 30 characters each.
– MWI Voice Activiation
Now this is the fun stuff. With this message you can let the target device think that there is a voice message on the receipients voice mal box. An icon gets displayed and the receipient usually will call his voice box finding out that there are no new messages. BUT: The symbol will not disapear. It will stay there until the user a) gets a deactivation message or b) reflashes his smartphone. Yes, even rebooting does not help. Be aware that you can drive people nuts with that one.
Availability: Devices with sendRawPdu-function (HTC devices with sense)
– MWI Voice DeActivation
This is the opposite to the activation message. It will remove the icon from the receipients display.
– Other MWI Messages (Fax, Mail, Other)
These MWI messages have nowadays no function on devices with Android or iOS. However they should display fine on older Phones like Nokia E7 and such.
– Ping Message
This message can be used to determine if the receipients device is currently booked into the network and as such the receipient should be available or not. As per standard this message muste be received and acknowledged by any cell phone without notifying the receipient. Thus this message is also call “silent sms”. The Ping Message is implemented as multiple options which differ in the underlying message format used. If you don't have success with Ping option "Type Zero" you might want to try on eof the others.
- Raw PDU Message
This message options allows you to define the PDU by yourself. If you don't know what a PDU is this option might not be for you unless you read some papers about the technical internals of a SMS.


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