Modern Guns Simulator

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The best Modern Guns Simulator app is there! Gun games fun is going to begin for weapons games lover. This guns simulator app is one of the brand new 2D gun games with real shooting gun sounds and animations. Moreover the latest weapons games contain collection of most powerful modern guns in the world. Modern Gun Simulator with which you can feel like in a reality with different kinds of modern weapons!
The good news doesn't end here. Guns simulator is a realistic simulator with shooting experience, which has most prevalent guns/weapons and their animations, including pistol handguns, shotguns, machine guns, latest army sniper rifles and revolver. To play, first of all you need to choose the weapon. A help screen of selected gun will appear that will guide you how to play. Then unlock the weapon by taping on slide stop button, pull the trigger and you'll hear different gun sounds of shots of different guns. If you run out of bullets, just tap on the reload button and ammo will reload automatically. You can also release the magazine from the gun. So equip the weapon of your choice from the modern guns gallery and step into the action!
• 5 amazing and modern technology weapons
• Genuine shooting gun sound, flash & spark effects
• Complete interaction and weapon control
• Realistic modern weapon simulator
• Detailed HD & cool graphics
• All screen supported modern gun weapons
• Unlimited bullets & realistic shooting sound
• Very easy to use interface.
MODERN GUNS SIMULATOR, one of the best weapon games, is all about realism. So forget other gun games and begin fun of modern weapon guns simulator app and play with this new virtual gun shooting app. If you are interest in modern weapons, pistols, guns, with high caliber, powerful gun sounds this app is just for you! The MODERN GUNS SIMULATOR in one of the best gun games with awesome arsenal of latest weapons and we hope this weapon games will not let you get bored.

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