Archer 3D

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Archer 3D comes to your phone now!
Smooth game play, amazing graphics and awesome vivid sound, Archer 3D gives you an epic sports experience just like in the wild.
Pull your bow down. Aim the arrow at the target by moving your hand on the screen. Confirm the target distance and wind. Watch out the moving target. Take off your finger to shot the arrow.
Challenge yourself with the Single Mode, enjoy the most crazy and thrilling sports feeling. Endless levels as well as incremental difficulties, witch gives you fantastic challenges. 50 point time bonus gives you a good chance to get higher scores. Try your best to hit the further level!
Not enough archer experience? Train yourself with the Training Mode and improve yourself to be a qualified archer athlete!
If you like enjoy world cup sports games, enjoy outdoor exercise such as golf, shooting, or dream to be a sniper, you shouldn’t miss this archery game.
Any feedback please mail us.
Thanks very much for all your support in our games.
Keep your nerve and aim your target. Let’s begin the fantastic shooting!

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