Extreme Motorbike Jump 3D

发行商: i6 Games
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Extreme Motorbike Jump 3D is a fast and exciting huge open world motorbike driving simulator, you ride and race on super fast motorbikes. Be a talented motorbike driver in Extreme Motorbike Jump 3D, go incredibly fast with super charged nitro so you can jump the bike off huge stunt ramps and climb up tricky platforms to get to some tough places.
This massive open world environment sim game, Extreme Motorbike Jump 3D, drive the motorbike anywhere to perform amazing, difficult bike stunts and build up top speeds with nitro boosts. Explore the huge world, race through city streets, jump over lined up buses, max out the speedometer in open offroad wilderness and even wreck the bike underwater!
Like to go to extreme top speeds, pull off and perform awesome stunts, have the most fun and exciting time, you'll love to play Extreme Motorbike Jump 3D!

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