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The tool is created for people, who often lose their phones and can't find them. You only have to clap your hands and your phone will start giving off loud sound, light a bright LED camera flashlight and vibrate. If you have ever lost your phone in your room, bag, desk or car and you couldn't find it, this program is just for you. You will find your loss very fast!
How does it work?
Application uses a microphone in order to detect the sound similar to clapping hands. After detecting it your telephone can inform you about its position in few ways:
- sound: the phone will play previously set kind of ringtone with maximum volume to make you hear your phone from the distance
- visual: the telephone will start blinking with bright LED lamp built in the back of the phone (this flashlight is used to take photos in poor light conditions)
- physical : the telephone will start vibrating. Thanks to it, it will be easier to find it among cushions on the sofa.
This application has got also very useful function of pausing the clap detection when the incoming call is in progress. Clapping detector will be stopped during the phone call. When the phone call is finished an application will automatically set microphone for clap detection.
Novelty! Now you can locate your phone with the use of your smartwatch (Android Wear). You only have to press the button on your watch and the phone will inform you about its location in the way you set it earlier (sound, LED lamp or vibration).
Important! Effectiveness of detecting clapping is dependent on the quality of the microphone installed in your phone and the amount of noise in the surrounding. Please use "Clap detection sensitivity" slider to calibrate clap hands detection. Please clap hard to make the created sound be as loud as possible.

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