Ear Surgery Simulator

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The patients are waiting for the ear doctor! There are some problems with their ears. Could you please give them EAR SURGERIES and cure them all?
There are 4 patients here:
The 1st patient: She loves swimming but she left water in her ears after swimming yesterday. She’s got a ear infection now. Please clean the water and give her a ear surgery.
The 2nd patient: He likes listening to music with headphone. But his headphone exploded yesterday and he cannot hear anything at all. I think his eardrum is broken. Please repair his eardrum.
The 3rd patient: There are some insects in her ear and she might have got an infection. Please remove the insects and give her a surgery.
The 4th patient: He fell down and broke his ear yesterday. Now he is suffering. Please give him a ear surgery and make him feel better.
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