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AutomatedHome (WeMo, TP Link, Osram Lightify, Lifx, and YeeLight support)

发行商: MikeP
价格: 2.99 USD


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NOTE: for help contact me using the "Contact Developer" on the amazon site.
If the LED is flashing on your device it's not connected - you MUST use the manufacturer's app to connect it to your wifi. If it's connected (no longer flashing) and still not found, try assigning it a reserved IP in your router's DHCP utility. Then use "find manually" and your device will be found and controllable in AutomatedHome.
Use this simple app to control your IoT devices while you are connected to your home WiFi. It includes widgets that you can add to your phone or tablet's home screen for single touch control as well as scenes for single touch control of multiple devices.
This is not the official manufacturer app. It is much, much smaller, starts faster, and works around may of the official app shortcomings.
Unfortunately you must use the official apps to connect your devices to your WIFI network the first time. Only they can provide direct remote access using their proprietary web servers. You can continue to use them app to manage your switches remotely and set up automation as needed, the apps do not collide.
The built in "Finding" functions can be used to find and confirm your devices are working even when the manufacturers app cannot find them.
- WeMo Dimmer, Motion, Switch, Mini, Insight, LightSwitch, Maker
- WeMo Jarden Crockpot (on/off)
- WeMo Holmes Air Purifier (on/off)
- WeMo Holmes Room Heater (on/off)
- WeMo Mr Coffee Coffee Maker (on/off)
- WeMo NetCam (as a motion device)
- WeMo Link with Wemo LEDs, GE Link, CREE, and OSRAM bulbs (on/off only)
- TP Link switches: HS100, HS103, HS105, HS110, HS200, HS210, HS220
- TP Link bulbs: LB100, LB110, LB120, LB130
- LFIX bulbs
- OSRAM Lightify gateway and device
- YeeLight Bulbs
AutomatedHome comes with the following:
- AutomatedHome app to monitor and control your devices
- AutomatedScenes for single touch control of multiple devices (e.g. "Watch a movie", "All on", "All off")
- Device, Switch, and Scene widgets to monitor and control any device with a single
touch of your phone/tablet home screen
- Log - record of what changed and when (while AutomatedHome is connected)
Note I did not design nor do I promote manufacturer products. If you are unhappy with their apps or products please review them accordingly. AutomatedHome is a separate product intended to help you SECURELY use your devices.
Use AutomatedHome to reduce your home network security risks. IoT apps communicate with your devices through your firewall. They will access a service on your Alexa account and collect your personal information. Your email, amazon account, IP address, GPS location (home address), SSID, and wifi password will be made available to the cloud owners through their IoT device service.
AutomatedHome is 100% local to your wifi. No outside connections are required. No personal information is collected. It does not rely on the manufacturer cloud servers nor the connection between them and the Alexa service. It will continue to work when those services are offline or your internet connection is down.


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