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SiliconDust is bringing Cable TV and Free to Air TV (live TV) viewing to your Android devices. Finally, watch all your favorite shows on your Android phone or tablet. Watching cable and Free to Air TV has never been easier. With the HDHomeRun® and HDHomeRun app you can access your Cable TV channels and your free to air HDTV channels on your Android device. The number of TV viewing screens in your home just got larger and more mobile. Watch Food Network in the kitchen, Discovery Channel in the garage, relax on the porch while catching up on MSNBC, and don’t miss a second of the game just take it with you, anywhere around your home network.
* Amazon devices do not support protected cable TV channels
* This app requires an HDHomeRun tuner present on your local area network
* Update to the latest release
The HDHomeRun app requires an HDHomeRun tuner to watch Live TV on your Android phone, tablet, or Android TV box.
• Compatible HDHomeRun device: HDHomeRun CONNECT, EXTEND, EXPAND, or PRIME
Legacy model HDHomeRuns like the DUAL will support Live TV streaming; however, DVR is not supported.
• DVR features (including pause and rewind) will require the HDHomeRun DVR:
• Reliable Wi-Fi network
• Android 4.4.2 or later
* Guide data and images are officially licensed by Gracenote
* DRM protected cable channels are not supported.
* The HDHomeRun app does not work outside of your home network. Your Android device must be connected to the same local network as your HDHomeRun tuner.
For questions, concerns, bug reports, and feature requests, contact us on via email support@silicondust.com or on the HDHomeRun forums: www.silicondust.com/forum

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