Offroad Police Duty Simulator

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Have you ever fantasized about becoming a police cop in your childhood? Offroad Police Duty Simulator will provide you this chance of becoming a top cop and chase down the criminals in a fantastic hilly environment. Evil criminals have taken over this mountain range and as a police cop your duty is to arrest all these criminals and send transfer them to the jail. At the same time you have to help general public who need your help. You have to drive different police cars and 4x4 trucks and SUV’s to complete your assigned duty. Chasing these dangerous criminals in these furious hills is not a piece of cake, it’s a really tough offroad police duty you’re on. As a police car driver you have to drive your police vehicle and help people who live in these hilly areas. You have to show that these people can rely on you as you’re the ultimate offroad hill climb racing legend in this police simulation game. This is your chance to unleash your action packed hill racing skills. Don’t be late, you need to very quick in full filling your police duty. Don’t let a single criminal escape from these mountains. This is surly the most exciting offroad Police Duty Simulator of 2016.
In this offroad police duty simulator you have to climb on huge mountain and risky hills because the tracks are covered by mud. Be careful with slopes, rocks, sharp turns.
Your offroad crime chase police duty in this game is very interesting. Some of your colleagues have captured some gangsters and you have to reach at the spot before their partners reach there. Be the fastest driver in this hill racing game and earn money on completion of each level. From this money you can unlock other multiple police cars. Driving in city is much easier thing to do as compare to the off-road roads. Offroad Police Duty Simulator is absolutely FREE game for smart phone users.
Get ready for Offroad Police Duty simulator to go offroading in awesome police cars, jeeps and trucks! Drive over rough hilly roads and try to finish your mission as fast as you can.
Time to be the best 4x4 offroad police driver. Can you handle all the dangerous obstacles and turns? Test your 4x4 driving skills to the max in this offroad police duty game. The turns are very sharp and there’re steep cliffs in your way. Watch out! Don’t crash your 4x4 jeep in to other traffic vehicles or else you will waste time and will be late in reaching out to your destination.
Show your hill climb powers and hills racing stunts in fantastic environments. Pick your police offroad 4 wheeler and drive on hilly areas to save this town.
Offroad Police Duty Simulator is absolutely FREE game for smart phone users.
It’s a combination of driving, racing, and parking games.

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