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Stranded Deep Survival Game

发行商: Amazing 3D Games
价格: 22.99 USD


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Let’s fight for your life with underwater predators – they never sleep and would chase yours until death, it's or yours. Find weapons to protect yourself – or craft new one from materials, found over the bottom. Build shelters to prevent attacks of sharks and do your best to survive at all costs with Stranded Deep Survival Game!
Unravel all secrets of the sea bottom, find treasures or hidden weapons and, maybe, the method to leave this place and get home! Be a real survivor with our Stranded Deep Survival Game!
Don’t forget about your character indicators - health, energy, fullness. If one of these drops – no chance to survive! Hunt for predators, build shelter & craft tools – feel like a lonely diver with this underwater survival simulator in 3D! Stay alive at all costs! Spending time at the bottom of the ocean is not easy as on the survival island!
Stranded Deep Survival Game features:
• Ultimate simulator of underwater survivor
• Beautiful underwater world to explore
• Many dangerous underwater predators to hunt
• Opportunity to craft weapons and tools
Be a lonely survivor lost in the ocean depths only with your aqualung! Explore the sea bottom to quarry resources and restore this base! “Hunt” fishes, whales and cephalopods to provide you with food and search for the sources of fresh water!


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