Catchphrase: The TV Game Show

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Ever wanted to be a contestant on ITV’s Catchphrase? Fancy meeting Mr Chips? Well now you can, with our free-to-play official Catchphrase mobile game!
A top word game, featuring over 500 Catchphrases straight from the show, all you have to do is say what you see! Just like the show! Keep pressing and guessing until you get it right.
Download the game to really test your talent phrase power!
• Solve hundreds of original catchphrase puzzles
• Play to win! Use your Prize Fund to unlock more Episodes
• Open Mystery Boxes and see what's inside!
• Solve the Super Catchphrase before the time runs out
Join Mr Chips, and experience all the excitement of the nation's favourite quiz show on your mobile, with the 2017 edition of Catchphrase.

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