Prisoner Escape Plane Hijack

发行商: Rogue Gamez
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Prisoner Escape Plane Hijack is an amazing adventures action game where prisoner is a survivor and best at escape plan. Prison escape form the prison transport would be the master escape plan. There has been a grand airplane hijack stealth mission prepared by the jail prisoners. The planet of military aircraft is facing a tough survival time from prisoners.
With prisoner transport plane hijack works out the prisoner escape silent mission done after jail break through airplane simulator. Play as you are a prisoner escape and an airplane hijacker who is breaking out the jail and escaping through airplane landing. Airplane pilot has to make a secure throw off the foremost secured Prison Escape plane Hijack with extreme hiding skills and had to be a survivor.
In this survival island the prisoner transport plane has to sneak off from the protection of police fight and airplane pilot also had to face many difficulties in every different level, in some level the prisoner have to jail break and escape via airplane simulator in this game. This can be not a straightforward task to form a secure throw off the cell because the security is high alert & warden’s square measure patrolling within the flight. Kill the onerous time cops within the unfortunate person flight game.

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