Super SnowCat Parking 2017

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Experience the Thrill of Parking a Massive SnowCat During the Most Dangerous Winter Blizzard of 2017!
Super SnowCat Parking 2017 is an awesome new and seasonal twist on classic parking games. In this extreme parking challenge, experience intense dangers of driving and parking huge snow plowing machinery during dangerous winter storms. Dodge gnarly hurdles placed in your way and complete exciting SnowCat parking missions packed with thrill, snow and ice. Choose your awesome Snow Cat among from among top of the line models! Drive your cab through rugged terrain on a secluded, snowy island and completing critical parking missions! You must safely and quickly make your way through each obstacle and reach the specific parking slot on time to achieve the maximum score.
This game requires driving finesse and courage to park your monster SnowCat on snow packed parking spots! There are many camera angles providing a completely realistic experience. Park your SnowCat without hitting any obstacles, flipping your rig, or sliding your cab off the mountain. Beautiful wintry environments including snow, ice and frozen landscapes and off-road terrain make this game both difficult and addictive. Warning: driving these trucks require serious courage - these vehicles aren't just ordinary snowplows!
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