3D Maze 3 - Labyrinth Game

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3D Maze 3 - best labyrinth & adventure game for everyone! And it's free!
Have fun in 4 unique environments and 32 mazes!
Collect coins, flowers and mushrooms to unlock one of 15 cool characters!
Train your brain and challenge friends from Facebook!
At the end of the level, check which of your friends have the best score!
The faster you get to the exit, the better score you will achieve.
Why 3D Maze 3 is valuable for everyone?
- develops logical thinking and concentration
- trains memory
- improves executive functioning skills
- develops confidence during gameplay
- labyrinth games learns various strategies
- funny characters and sounds
Game features:
- 15 characters like blocky monsters, animals and more!
- 8 maze sizes each season
- great music
- game for boys and girls
- integration of Facebook Leaderboards and friends invitations
- supports offline gameplay
- first easiest labyrinth unlocked for each season
- lowpoly graphics

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