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Braille - Teacher PRO

发行商: braille
价格: 9.00 USD


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This is a PROFESSIONAL application for every parent who just want to know enough braille to help their blind child learn to read. Using your sight, you will learn to identify the braille alphabet, numbers, Grade I Braille, Grade II Braille. You will be able to write translated Braille using the keyboard, exercises. Through this application you will get a link to download an android version that you can use on your smartphone or your tablet.
Blind children whose parents learn Braille benefit effectively. Quite a few children learning Braille have never met another Braille reader. If other members of their family read Braille, this may reduce the child's sense of isolation. Also, no matter how enthusiastically people tell him how wonderful it is that he can read Braille, if absolutely no one else thinks Braille is worth learning the child may conclude that it's really not all that wonderful. However, if Mom and Dad enjoy using Braille, the child receives an important message: Braille really is okay. It's something our family does.
Young children whose parents read Braille consider Braille an ordinary way to read. Imitation is a young child's most natural way to learn. Children learn many things by copying their parents-sometimes to their parents' dismay. A blind child cannot effectively copy her parents' print reading and writing skill, but if her parents routinely use Braille, even for simple tasks such as writing shopping lists and notes to one another, she can learn a lot by imitating the literacy skills they have modeled.


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