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Go, go Pixel Monsters!
Run across the streets of your own city catching this funny Pixelmons – unusual pixel creatures invaded the world!
Enjoy Augmented Reality! Catch tricky pets using geo-locations, reach the point on map and use the neo-cube to catch funny pocket pixelmons! Catch different critters all around the city streets, parks, forests, malls, subway, museums and other places to visit!
Search monsters, go on geo map! Explore environment around you to catch all the creatures pets in real life and make your own Pixel Monsters GO collection! Be careful – your virtual alter-ego can be damaged by monsters’ attacks, so don’t be shy to give up and run away – all monsters you’ve ever seen fall into the Monsterpedia, so you can find and catch missed monsters later!
Your aim is to catch as many Pixelmons as possible! Catch Pixel monsters in the environment around you! Earn points to buy new capture-cubes or just find it on the map!
Walk around with friends catching Pixel monsters on the way! Find out which collection of caught animals is bigger! Learn to catch Pixelmons in the Augmented Reality and try to catch them all!
Pixel Monsters Go features:
Enjoy Augmented Reality Technology
Explore the environment around you to catch Pixelmons
Search for geo locations of pixel monster on the map
Catch it using special pixel devices
Catch as many pets as you can and fill up your own Monsterpedia
Get the largest Pixelmon Monsters collection
It's enough sitting and be lazy - time to run and catch pixel creatures with Pixel Monsters Go!

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